GÖG-Colloquium | Social protection systems, health equity and the pandemic

Beginn der Veranstaltung
04.10.2021 17:30 Uhr
Ende der Veranstaltung
04.10.2021 19:00 Uhr
Online via Zoom

Learnings from the COVID-19-pandemic in preparation for future public health crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic does not have the same impact on all groups of the population. Socio-economically disadvantaged people are likely to be more affected in many aspects. This fact is also referred to as the COVID-19 syndemic and is highly relevant in terms of health equity. Social protection systems can play an important role in counteracting unequal consequences.

The colloquium will address this issue from an international, national, research and stakeholder perspective. First, the keynote address by an international expert will provide a broader contextualisation of the topic from a research perspective. Then, results of an ongoing Austrian participatory research project will be shared, including field reports from co-researchers who are themselves affected by social disadvantage.


  • Keynote: „The Unequal Pandemic: COVID-19 and Health Inequalitites“
    Claire Welsh, Newcastle University
  • „Social factors of the pandemic – A participatory research project"
    Carina Marbler, Austrian National Public Health Institute (GÖG)
  • “Personal insights of the pandemic“
    Astrid Wenzl and Michael Herzog

Hosting and moderation
Joy Ladurner, The Austrian National Public Health Institute (GÖG)

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Claire Welsh is a researcher and epidemiologist working on a number of projects concerning health-related policy, healthy aging, and COVID-19.  Since Spring last year Claire has been heavily involved in the local pandemic response in the North of England through analytical support to the NHS, Public Health England and the 12 local authorities.  She is a veterinary surgeon by training, but other than the occasional calls for advice and intervention with her extended family's animals, no longer practices, having moved into epidemiology to do a Masters and PhD some years ago.

Carina Marbler is a health expert at GÖG, working in the department of Health, Society and Health Equity. She has a degree in Health Management and joined GÖG in 2017. Carina engages in qualitative and quantiative research, whenever possible applying participatory approaches. She currently works on projects concerning healthy policies and healthy life circumstances, especially for socially disadvantaged people. 

Astrid Wenzl and Michael Herzog are co-researchers in a current project on social factors of the pandemic. They are also experts by own experience and gained broader insight in the impact of the pandemic for persons experiencing socioeconomic disadvantages.

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